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America's History, Volume I

RRP $408.99

Known for its interpretive voice and thoughtful analysis, America's History models exactly the kind of thinking and writing students need to be successful. An accessible and balanced narrative with built-in primary sources and skills-based pedagogy gives students practice in thinking historically, and features new ways of mastering the content so that students come to class prepared. The eighth edition rolls out Bedford/St. Martin's new digital history tools, including LearningCurve, an adaptive quizzing engine that garners over a 90% student satisfaction rate, and LaunchPad, the all new interactive e-book and course space that puts high quality easy-to-use assessment at your fingertips. Easy to integrate into your campus LMS, and featuring video, additional primary sources, a wealth of adaptive and summative quizzing, and more, LaunchPad cements student understanding of the text while helping them make progress toward learning outcomes. It's the best content joined up with the best technology.What's in the LaunchPad

A Companion To Post-1945 America

RRP $448.99

<i>A Companion to Post-1945 America</i> is an original collection of 34 essays by key scholars on the history and historiography of Post-1945 America. <ul> <li>Covers society and culture, people and movements, politics and foreign policy <li>Surveys and evaluates the best scholarship on every important era and topic <li>Includes book review section on essential readings </ul>

A History Of The American Constitution

RRP $319.99

The newly published third edition brings the material up-to-date with both the latest historical scholarship and the most recent Supreme Court decisions using historical analysis. Among both judges and academics, one of the hottest issues in constitutional law is the role of "original intent." Almost everyone agrees that it is important, and some scholars and judges believe it should be the most important factor in constitutional law. To think about these issues intelligently, law students need to have ready access to the historical materials so they can see how the Framers of the Constitution thought about critical issues. Yet the original source materials fill many volumes. Writings by historians also fill many bookshelves. Just as the traditional casebook selects and condenses materials from the court reports to make them useful for law students, this book does the same thing for the historical evidence of original intent. There is no other source that covers this range of materials, combined with concise overviews of the best understanding of the historical context. Only this book gives students a cogent introduction to the history behind the Constitution and its major amendments, so they can form their own judgments about the "original understanding" and its relevance to modern constitutional law.

The Bestest Ever Bear

RRP $16.95

A collection of poems featuring bears in aid of The Children's Trust.
A collection of thirty poems featuring bears (and one extra one not about a bear!) to celebrate thirty years of Walker Books and in aid of The Children’s Trust. The poems in this book are selected and illustrated by Colin West, a popular children’s author who has written over fifty children’s books and continues to produce poetry and picture books. The book features poems by Spike Milligan, Edward Lear, Roger McGough, Stanley Cook, Colin West himself and many more well-known poets.

  • Proceeds from the book will go to The Children's Trust
  • Lots of fantastic fun "bear facts" included at the back
  • Thirty poems about bears - plus one extra about a koala!
About The Author

Colin West was born in 1951 and studied Graphic Design at Wolverhampton Polytechnic, and Illustration at the Royal College of Art, London. Shortly after graduating in 1975, his first book, A Collection of Nonsense Verse was published. Since then he has written over fifty more children's books, including for Walker Go Tell it to the Toucan, The Height of Absurdity and A Crocodile's Teeth.

A History Of American Christianity

RRP $16.99

Leonard Woolsey Bacon's A History of American Christianity traces the history of religion in the country from the European exploration of North America and all the way up into the 19th century. Along the way, Bacon looks at all the different branches of Christianity that were present in the colonies and country, especially Protestants, Catholics, and Quakers, and the important roles religion played in society.


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