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The History Of A Slave

RRP $242.99

In 1889, the British colonial official Sir Harry Johnston published The History of a Slave , a story of an archetypal slave based on Johnston's extensive knowledge of North and West Africa from his travels there. The tale follows the fictitious slave from the grasslands of Cameroon northward through the commercial centres of the Sudan, at the time part of the Sokoto empire in what is now Nigeria. Eventually, the slave is taken across the Sahara to North Africa, where he recounts his experiences to his Muslim master. The details of life as an African slave come from accounts given personally to Johnston by slaves in the Barbary States and in West Equatorial Africa, particularly by Mbudikum people -- slaves who witnessed cannibalism, brutal public executions, rape and torturous forced migrations, but also the inner workings of the Sultan's court and the Sultan's army. The original book was published together with some 47 illustrations of scenes in Africa that were drawn by Johnston, and are reproduced in this edition with a new introduction and annotations by Paul Lovejoy.

Johann Gottfried Herder On World History

RRP $482.99

Johann Gottfried Herder (1744-1803) was an influential German critic and philosopher, whose ideas included "cultural nationalism" - that every nation has its own personality and pattern of growth. This anthology contains excerpts from Herder's writings on world history and related topics.

Scenes From The History Of Real Functions

RRP $601.99

To attempt to compile a relatively complete bibliography of the theory of functions of a real variable with the requisite bibliographical data, to enumer­ ate the names of the mathematicians who have studied this subject, exhibit their fundamental results, and also include the most essential biographical data about them, to conduct an inventory of the concepts and methods that have been and continue to be applied in the theory of functions of a real variable ... in short, to carry out anyone of these projects with appropriate completeness would require a separate book involving a corresponding amount of work. For that reason the word essays occurs in the title of the present work, allowing some freedom in the selection of material. In justification of this selection, it is reasonable to try to characterize to some degree the subject to whose history these essays are devoted. The truth of the matter is that this is a hopeless enterprise if one requires such a characterization to be exhaustively complete and concise. No living subject can be given a final definition without provoking some objections, usually serious ones. But if we make no such claims, a characterization is possible; and if the first essay of the present book appears unconvincing to anyone, the reason is the personal fault of the author, and not the objective necessity of the attempt.

Applying A Personalised Approach

RRP $27.95

"Packed with handy hints and good practice, this pocketbook illustrates how personalised social care can be funded in the Age of Austerity. In the context of dwindling public finances, social workers can apply creative approaches to eligibility criteria to help ensure an individual's recovery from a mental health problem is appropriately supported."
Martin Webber, Anniversary Reader, University of York, UK

Part of the new Social Work Pocketbooks series, this handy book is a guide to applying social care eligibility criteria within a personalised approach. It includes a range of useful practice suggestions and guidance to help social workers think about how they can apply eligibility to psychosocial issues and needs, to ensure individuals are able to access appropriate support options. The book:

  • Describes legal frameworks for assessment and service delivery
  • Examines specific elements of eligibility criteria
  • Provides practice suggestions and checklists
  • Explores the interface between fair access to care services and NHS CHC criteria
  • Uses case study examples throughout
This pocketbook will help you to ensure that applications for funding individuals are well constructed. The book includes advice on assessing and supporting individuals with complex needs such as mental health, substance misuse or learning disability.

The History Of The Book In The West

RRP $620.99

This collection of published papers on the development of the publishing cycle from author to reader includes work by many of the leading authorities on the history of the book in the nineteenth century, including James Barnes, Simon Eliot, Kate Flint, Elizabeth McHenry, Robert Patten, David Vincent and Ronald Zboray. It contains examples of different approaches, reflecting the fact that scholars come from a variety of disciplinary traditions, such as bibliography, typography, literary studies, library studies and the history of science. The introduction provides an overview of both the historical context and recent work on the subject. The volume is divided into five sections: National Publishing Structures in America, France, and Russia; International Trade; Publishing Practices; Distribution; Reading. The collection includes work in the tradition of French book history which has focussed on the systems and structures of the publishing industry and Anglo-American book history characterised by detailed analyses of the publication of a specific title or the practices of an individual reader.


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