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A History Of The World

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With the onset of decolonisation, the rise and fall of fascism and communism, the technological revolution and the rapidly increasing power of the United States, the world since 1900 has witnessed global change on an immense scale. Providing a comprehensive survey of the key events and personalities of this period throughout the world,A History of the Worldincludes discussion of topics such as: * the rivalry between European nations from 1900-1914 * the Depression and the rise of fascism during the 1920s and 1930s * the global impact of the Cold War * decolonisation and its effects * the continuing conflict in the Middle East. This new edition has been updated throughout to take account of recent historical research. Bringing the story up to date, J.A.S. Grenville includes a discussion of events such as 9/11, recent economic problems in Latin America and the second Gulf War.

A Personal History Of Nuclear Medicine

RRP $601.99

A Personal History of Nuclear Medicine is an account of how nuclear medicine developed, and its basic philosophy in the past, present and future. The book outlines the history of the development of nuclear medicine as experienced by the author and describes the hurdles that nuclear medicine has had to face, in view of the perception of risk of radiation. It also explains how nuclear medicine solves medical problems in clinical practice and how it has contributed to a new definition of disease. The book concludes with future projections of the likely developments in this area in the next 50 years.

Target market: nuclear medicine professionals as well non-nuclear medicine physicians and the public

A History Of The City Of San Francisco

RRP $17.99

From the preface:"This book was written at the request of the committee appointed to manage the celebration in San Francisco of the Centennial Anniversary of the Declaration of our National Independence, in accordance with a resolution adopted by Congress on the thirteenth of March, 1876, recommending that in every town the delivery of a historical sketch of the place from its foundation should be part of the local celebration. It was considered better that, instead of a brief sketch to be read publicly in an hour, the metropolis on the American coast of the North Pacific should have a book of several hundred pages. The city furnishes material enough for a history which could never be prepared on a more appropriate occasion than in commemoration of the National Centennial year, especially since it happens to coincide with the completion of the first century in the existence of our city. Such a double epoch demanded some special mark of recognition.There are urgent reasons why works of this kind should be written by pioneers, and while there are still hundreds of pioneers living to furnish information from their personal reminiscences and from papers that will be lost when they die. No record, however brilliant in its composition or comprehensive and careful in its statements, could ever be accepted as satisfactory, as to many of the great events that have occurred here on a comparatively small stage of action within the last thirty years, unless based on the authority of the actors themselves-who, with highly-wrought feelings, often played for the great stake of fortune, and sometimes for the still greater one of life, running through a succession of rapid and startling vicissitudes. "Whatever misfortunes have overtaken the individual citizens, they have the consolation of seeing that California has advanced with a swift and grand prosperity, and that they have participated in one of the most imposing pageants ever enacted on the stage of universal history.The scenes which I must try to depict for the reader will show a multitude of figures and many phases of passion. A host of adventurers flocking from the centers of civilization on the shores of the Atlantic, half across the world, to a remote corner on the coast of what was then the semi-barbarous Pacific, coming to make a brief stay in the rude search for gold, brought a high culture with them, and suddenly lifted their new home to an equal place among the most enlightened communities. The early American settlers in California, instead of being, as many persons at a distance supposed they would be, the mere offscourings of a low rabble, were, in a large proportion, men of knowledge and capacity; and if generally inexperienced in high station and serious responsibility, yet not incompetent for them. At brief notice they organized a state, complete in all its parts. As if by magic, their touch or their influence created magnificent cities; clipper ships, that cast the boasted India-men of England into disrepute; two railroads, connecting the Atlantic with the Pacific; a line of ocean steamers, connecting Asia with America, and a telegraph line from the Golden Gate to the Mississippi."

Understanding Research In Personal Relationships

RRP $261.99

'The main strengths of the book are its uniqueness...its mix of emphasis on methods, statistics, and ideas, its commentaries by the authors, and the well-chosen journal articles' - John Harvey, University of Iowa Understanding Research in Personal Relationships is a comprehensive introduction to the key readings on human and close relationships. Organized into twelve thematic chapters with editorial commentary throughout, the Editors offer a critical reading of the major research articles in the field of relationship studies published in the last few years. Scholarly papers, two per chapter, are presented in an abridged form and critiqued in a carefully structured way that instructs students on the way to read research, and to critically evaluate research in this field. The book, therefore, has a thoroughly didactic focus as the student is given historical, theoretical and methodological contexts to each article as well as an explanation of key terms and ideas. Key features about this book: - Cross-Disciplinary use - an excellent book for all students taking human relationship modules in psychology, communication studies, sociology, social work, family studies and other subjects across the social sciences. - Maps onto course teaching - ideal for 12 week semester term course, covering major themes such as love, attraction, conflict and social networks. - Pedagogical - 'How to use this book' section at the start; chapter introductions and summaries throughout; glossary of key terms highlighted throughout the book at the end of the text. This text is essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students wanting a straightforward, didiactic guide to understanding research on human relationships.

The Black Pope; A History Of The Jesuits

RRP $16.99

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1896* edition. Excerpt: ...14) "It is not of faith that when the Roman Pontiff teaches anything, either assisted by his own private council or by a provincial synod, even though he addressed the Universal Church, or, as it is termed, speaks ex cathedra, in a word, so long as he is not the supreme judge of controversies, he is not infallible, nor would a decree passed under these circumstances be of faith, unless the opinion of the Church were, from other sources, clearly ascertained to have been pronounced in his favour" (p. 133). The doctrine of the infallibility of the Pope was first made an article of faith at the Vatican Council, held at Rome in the year 1870. The following are the words in which this stupendous change in the Roman Catholic religion was proclaimed: --"Wherefore faithfully adhering to the tradition received from the beginning of the Christian Faith, 1 for the glory of God our Saviour, the exaltation of the Catholic religion, and the salvation of the Christian people, We, the Sacred Council, approving, teach and define that it is a dogma divinely revealed; that the Roman Pontiff, when speaking ex cathedra--that is, when, discharging the office of Pastor and Teacher of all Christians, by virtue of What should have been Remembered. 217 his supreme authority, he defines a doctrine regarding faith or morals to be held by the Universal Church--he, by the divine assistance promised to him in blessed Peter, is possessed of that infallibility with which the Divine Redeemer willed the Church should be endowed in defining doctrine regarding Faith or Morals; and that, therefore, such definitions of the Roman Pontiff are irreformable of themselves, and not from the consent of the Church. But if any one--which may God avert--presume to...


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