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A Key Into The Language Of America

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Written in 1643 at a time of great turmoil between Native Americans and the English settlers, A Key into the Language of America is a study of American Indian life, religion, and language. Written by an advocate of Native American rights and treatment, the book presents a number of ideas that seem anti-English and bring to light the prejudices held by the pilgrims. The book was the first study of Native American language written in English, and the commentary on Indian ways of life make it a worthwhile read. Roger Williams (c. 1603-1683) was the founder of Rhode Island and an outspoken pioneer who fought for Native American rights in New England in the 17th century.

Ideology In America

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Public opinion in the United States contains a paradox. The American public is symbolically conservative: it cherishes the symbols of conservatism and is more likely to identify as conservative than as liberal. Yet at the same time, it is operationally liberal, wanting government to do and spend more to solve a variety of social problems. This book focuses on understanding this contradiction. It argues that both facets of public opinion are real and lasting, not artifacts of the survey context or isolated to particular points in time. By exploring the ideological attitudes of the American public as a whole, and the seemingly conflicted choices of individual citizens, it explains the foundations of this paradox. The keys to understanding this large-scale contradiction, and to thinking about its consequences, are found in Americans' attitudes with respect to religion and culture and in the frames in which elite actors describe policy issues.

An American Religious Movement

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This looks at a history of 19th century Christian movements in America. From the preface: "In an earlier volume, I recited the history of the Disciples of Christ under the title, Religion Follows the Frontier. The phrase was designed to emphasize the fact that this religious movement was born under pioneer conditions on the American frontier, in the days when the frontier was just crossing the Alleghenies, that much of its formative thinking followed patterns congenial to the frontier mind, and that its early expansion kept pace with the westward wave of migration. Since that book is now out of print, while interest in the theme is increasing, it has seemed desirable to rewrite the history. If this were merely a sequel to the other, I would call it Growing Up with the Country. It remains true that the pioneer beginnings must be remembered and understood if the initial motives and methods of the Disciples and the processes of their growth are to be understood. But important as the frontier is, as a fact in the history of the United States and of every phase of culture in the Middle West, an equally significant fact is that, as the frontier rolled westward, it left behind it a widening area in which pioneer conditions no longer prevailed. As the country was growing by the expansive drive of which the frontier was the cutting edge, it was also growing up, both behind and on the frontier. The process of maturing is as significant as that of expanding. Since the present purpose is to survey the history of the Disciples through both of these phases, I have resisted the allurement of this second title and am giving the book a name which includes both; for the movement is distinctively American, and every American movement which began in pioneer days and has lived through the cycles of American life until now has both followed the frontier and grown up with the country. As to the future-I am only a historian, not a prophet. But I shall be disappointed if this record of the past does not leave with the reader an acquaintance with the essential data upon which, using his own judgment and imagination, he will be disposed to project the curve of a future development far beyond any present attainments in promoting the ends for which the Disciples of Christ came into existence-the unity and purity of the Church, a reasonable and practical religion, and the enrichment of life through fellowship in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Seeing The Face Of God

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The author bares her soul to reveal how racial hatred has impacted every aspect of her life growing up in the Deep South as a light-skinned black woman. She views current racial conditions in America as life on the new plantation. Her faith in God enables her to interpret her experiences with profound spiritual insight. She does not just whine about racial hatred--she offers a solution, the only solution to the realization of justice and equality for all, in fact. Only with God is this possible. She states that prayer is a powerful weapon that we must use to overcome hate. Love conquers hate.

A Century Of Mathematics In America

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The present book is the third and final volume in the "A Century of Mathematics in America" collection. The theme of the second volume is continued here in articles describing the mathematics and the mathematical personalities in some of the nations' prominent departments: Johns Hopkins, Clark, Columbia, MIT, Michigan, Texas, and the Institute for Advanced Study.


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