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American Flag Puzzle Book

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How much do you know about the American flag? In this book, puzzles and activities are filled with fun facts about Betsy Ross, the Fourth of July, the "Star-Spangled Banner," the Flag Code, and more.cCan you identify all fifty states on a U.S. map or fill in the missing words of the Pledge of Allegiance? Have fun learning about our most treasured American traditions in this patriotic puzzle book.

Raising The Flag

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"By February 1945 the United States had been fighting World War II for more than three years. Soldiers were worn down from battle, and civilians were drained by sacrifice. But a photograph of Marines raising an American flag on Japanese soil gave a wearied nation a renewed sense of pride and hope. This powerful image of strength and determination became the most famous image of the war. It not only captured a moment of victory against a strong foe. It also represented the effort every member of the armed forces had made and offered Americans the promise of victory and an end to conflict."

Flags Of Our Fathers

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In this unforgettable chronicle of perhaps the most famous moment in American military history, James Bradley has captured the glory, the triumph, the heartbreak, and the legacy of the six men who raised the flag at Iwo Jima. Here is the true story behind the immortal photograph that has come to symbolize the courage and indomitable will of America.
In February 1945, American Marines plunged into the surf at Iwo Jima--and into history. Through a hail of machine-gun and mortar fire that left the beaches strewn with comrades, they battled to the island's highest peak. And after climbing through a landscape of hell itself, they raised a flag.
Now the son of one of the flagraisers has written a powerful account of six very different young men who came together in a moment that will live forever.
To his family, John Bradley never spoke of the photograph or the war. But after his death at age seventy, his family discovered closed boxes of letters and photos. In Flags of Our Fathers, James Bradley draws on those documents to retrace the lives of his father and the men of Easy Company. Following these men's paths to Iwo Jima, James Bradley has written a classic story of the heroic battle for the Pacific's most crucial island--an island riddled with Japanese tunnels and 22,000 fanatic defenders who would fight to the last man.
But perhaps the most interesting part of the story is what happened after the victory. The men in the photo--three were killed during the battle--were proclaimed heroes and flown home, to become reluctant symbols. For two of them, the adulation was shattering. Only James Bradley's father truly survived, displaying no copy of the famous photograph in his home, telling his son only: "The real heroes of Iwo Jima were the guys who didn't come back."
Few books ever have captured the complexity and furor of war and its aftermath as well as Flags of Our Fathers. A penetrating, epic look at a generation at war, this is history told with keen insight, enormous honesty, and the passion of a son paying homage to his father. It is the story of the difference between truth and myth, the meaning of being a hero, and the essence of the human experience of war.

"From the Hardcover edition."

The American Holiness Movement

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The digital copies of this book are available for free at First Fruit's website. The First in a Series of "Occasional Bibliographic Papers of the B. L. Fisher Library" PREFACE This paper, vas first presented to the twenty-fifth annual conference of the American Theological Library Association in June, 1971. Each year the Association attempts to provide a bibliographic paper relating to the theological tradition of the institution at which the annual conference is held. This paper is then printed in the PROCEEDINGS of the Association and serves as a guide for library acquisitions in the member schools. The 1971 Conference was held at Pasadena College, Pasadena, California, a denominational college of the Church of the Nazarene. Dr Genevieve Kelly, then vice-president and program chairman of the Association, requested a paper on the American Holiness Movement. Since so little has been done in this area, I prepared a paper of broader orientation than some in the series in the hope that it could also serve to introduce others to this neglected facet of the American Church. A number of those present at the Conference requested that the paper be made available to a wider readership than that of the PROCEEDINGS of the Association. This booklet is presented in response to those requests. No attempt has been made to revise the paper. Only minor; and primarily stylistic, changes have been made. Local references and the oral style have been retained. The library faculty of the B.L. Fisher Library hope that this paper will be only the first in a series of "Occasional Bibliographic Papers of the B.L. Fisher Library." Such papers would present in similar format other bibliographic projects of faculty and friends of Asbury Theological Seminary. I would like to express appreciation to the Rev. David J Wartluft, executive secretary of the American Theological Library Association, for granting permission to reprint this paper from the PROCEEDINGS; to Mrs. Esther Richter, the library secretary-receptionist, who typed two drafts of this paper from a difficult manuscript; to Mrs. Robert Lyon who prepared the final copy for print- ing; and especially to Mr. Frank Dewey, my student assistant, who checked all the references and did much of the proofreading. I take all responsi- bility for any errors and would be pleased to be informed of any that are noticed. Donald W. Dayton Acquisitions Librarian and Assistant Professor of Bibliography and Research B.L. Fisher Library Asbury Theological seminary --- CONTENTS Preface Toward a Definition Bibliography History Biography Theology Periodicals Missions Hymnody Preaching Historical Collections Recent Trends Appendix 1 - Holiness Publishing Appendix 2 - Other Addresses

It Might Be A Red Flag If ...

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It might be a red flag if his profile picture is a mug shot. It might be a red flag if he has more covered up tattoos than actual tattoos. It might be a red flag if you can never go to his place. It might be a red flag if he tells you he loves you on your first date.

After being single for more than ten years and going through breakups and bad dates, author Jennifer Lopez realized she had been missing the red flag warnings in these relationships. In It Might Be a Red Flag If..., she shares her personal experiences and those of other women in dating situations.

Some humorous, some serious, Lopez offers a list of signs that may save a heart, bank account, liver, marriage, or even a life. She includes signs and advice to help women see past red flags and figure out why they let themselves get hurt or stay with men who are abusive or not right for them.

In It Might Be a Red Flag If..., Lopez communicates through whit and humor it's ok to be single. She encourages women to learn how to protect their heart without hardening it and to live free from self-doubt and pain caused by others. Happiness always comes from within as you learn more about yourself and what life has in store for you.


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