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A Century Of American Popular Music

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A Century of American Popular Music is an annotated index to over 2,000 of the most popular, best remembered, historically important and otherwise influential and interesting popular music, from the landmark publication of Scott Joplin's "Maple Leaf Rag" to the latest rap hit. It provides information all in one place that is available no where else: song title, composer, lyricist, publisher, date of copyright and genre. The annotations include, where possible, a discussion of the history of the song, how it was written, who popularized it, notable recordings with their original issue numbers, as well as covers and other versions that helped keep the song in public attention. Also included are indices by composer, publisher and year of publication.

The American Eskimo Dog

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"The American Eskimo Dog: A Complete and Comprehensive Owners Guide to: Buying, Owning, Health, Grooming, Training, Obedience, Understanding and Caring for Your American Eskimo Dog," by Dog Care Professionals, Is an essential purchase for any American Eskimo Dog owner.

This book contains vital information on the following subjects: the origin of the American Eskimo Dog, an explanation of the different types and colorations available, purchasing a puppy, pros and cons of the breed, rescuing a dog, finding a reputable breeder, a break own of the breeds personality, socialization, spaying, neutering, house breaking / potty training, bringing your new puppy home, how to care for a American Eskimo Dog during puppyhood, how to care for an adult American Eskimo Dog, grooming, combing, healthy, vaccinations, training, obedience, a comprehensive list and break down of vital equipment, feeding and nutrition, exercise, illnesses and much much more!

Thank you for purchasing our pet care manual on caring for American Eskimo Dog. We hope you have found the information both interesting and informative. We hope that this book has allowed you to make an informed choice on whether owning a American Eskimo Dog suits you and if so we hope that the information will help you to provide the best quality care for your American Eskimo Dog.
We will be publishing multiple other dog care manuals on our author page on Kindle. If you have an interest in learning more about specific dog breeds then we highly suggest you check out our other work.
Here at Dog Care Professionals we are passionate about providing the best quality information to our customers. We would highly appreciate any feedback, or reviews, you could leave us on our Kindle page to allow us to help create the best possible pet care products available on the market.

Here at Dog Care Professionals we are passionate about dog care. As a brand we have a strong idea of what makes up a good pet care book. We consult with multiple experts in each multiple different fields to allow us to create a book filled with cumulative opinions and best practices. The experts we consult range from veterinarians to every day pet keepers who have had years of experience caring for the specific breed each book is on. Our aim, and mission, is to produce the best possible dog care books that are a great value for money.
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Target America

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From the coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestseller American Sniper comes a heart-pounding military thriller in which the fabled Special Ops unit is activated to stop a group of terrorists from launching “suitcase” nukes somewhere in America.

When Chechen terrorists manage to smuggle a Cold War–era Russian nuke across the Mexican-American border, the President is forced to reactivate the only unit capable of stopping them: Navy SEAL sniper Gil Shannon and his brash team of SEALs and Delta Force fighters. First introduced in Sniper Elite: One-Way Trip, hailed by Publishers Weekly as a “meaty thriller” with “snappy dialogue and well-timed humor,” Shannon and his team were run out of the military after defying direct orders and instead choosing to save the life of one of their own.

In Target America, Gil and his team, many of whom had gone rogue, are reunited as an off-the-books Special Ops unit that must race against the clock to save the country from nuclear destruction.

#1 New York Times bestselling author Scott McEwen once again delivers a gripping and fast-paced adventure that illuminates the shadow world of clandestine military operations.

About the Authors

Scott McEwen is the coauthor of Chris Kyle’s #1 New York Times bestseller, American Sniper. He is a trial attorney in San Diego, California, and has taught at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. McEwen works with and provides support for several military charitable organizations, including the SEAL Team Foundation.

Thomas Koloniar is the author of the post-apocalyptic novel Cannibal Reign. A former police officer from Akron, Ohio, he currently lives in Mexico.

Do More Eat Less Best Way To Lose Weight Fast With Recipes

RRP $16.99

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DO MORE EAT LESS: BEST WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST Are you tired of exercise regimens and restrictive diets that don't really make much of a difference? Do you want to lose and maintain a healthy weight in the most natural and sensible way? Then pick up this book and learn all about the secrets to lasting weight loss! Do More, Eat Less gives you a lot of information on what truly works and what doesn't work. It also teaches you that you can make some small but powerful changes to the way you eat to finally get the body that you want. It lets you know about the benefits of exercise and the many different ways that you can incorporate any kind of activity to your day, whatever your age or lifestyle may be. This book also includes some healthy soup, stew, salad, and snack recipes that are both healthy and delicious. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be healthier, so get this book today!

Colonial Latin America

RRP $280.99

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Colonial Latin America: A Documentary History is a sourcebook of primary texts and images intended for students and teachers as well as for scholars and general readers. The book centers upon people-people from different parts of the world who came together to form societies by chance and by design in the years after 1492.

This text is designed to encourage a detailed exploration of the cultural development of colonial Latin America through a wide variety of documents and visual materials, most of which have been translated and presented originally for this collection.

Colonial Latin America: A Documentary History is a revision of SR Books' popular Colonial Spanish America. The new edition welcomes a third co-editor and, most significantly, embraces Portuguese and Brazilian materials. Other fundamental changes include new documents from Spanish South America, the addition of some key color images, plus six reference maps, and a decision to concentrate entirely upon primary sources.

The book is meant to enrich, not repeat, the work of existing texts on this period, and its use of primary sources to focus upon people makes it stand out from other books that have concentrated on the political and economic aspects. The book's illustrations and documents are accompanied by introductions which provide context and invite discussion. These sources feature social changes, puzzling developments, and the experience of living in Spanish and Portuguese American colonial societies.

Religion and society are the integral themes of Colonial Latin America. Religion becomes the nexus for much of what has been treated as political, social, economic, and cultural history during this period. Society is just as inclusive, allowing students to meet a variety of individuals-not faceless social groups.

While some familiar names and voices are included-conquerors, chroniclers, sculptors, and preachers-other, far less familiar points of view complement and complicate the better-known narratives of this history. In treating Iberia and America, before as well as after their meeting, apparent contradictions emerge as opportunities for understanding; different perspectives become prompts for wider discussion. Other themes include exploration and contact; religious and cultural change; slavery and society, miscegenation, and the formation, consolidation, reform, and collapse of colonial institutions of government and the Church, as well as accompanying changes in economies and labor.

This sourcebook allows students and teachers to consider the thoughts and actions of a wide range of people who were making choices and decisions, pursuing ideals, misperceiving each other, experiencing disenchantment, absorbing new pressures, breaking rules as well as following them, and employing strategies of survival which might involve both reconciliation and opposition. Colonial Latin America: A Documentary History has been assembled with teaching and class discussion in mind. The book will be an excellent tool for Latin American history survey courses and for seminars on the colonial period.


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