How To Celebrate Boxing Day?

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How To Celebrate Boxing Day?

We will tell all there is to know about one of Australia's most famous and fun holidays. With its roots tracing back to the British tradition Boxing Day is celebrated a day after Christmas. Australians have grabbed quite a tight hold of it, creating their own culture and celebrations in the hot summer heat.

How To Celebrate Boxing Day?

One of the most well-known traditional events of Australia's Boxing Day is the Boxing Day Test. around 100,000 whopping cricket fans head to Melbourne Cricket Ground, to watch the annual game. While at MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) Australian national team take on an opposing team, you can cheer and drink even if you're not an avid cricket fan. The whole entertaining atmosphere is well worth the ticket.

Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

Another important sports event is the annual yacht race or the Bluewater Classic on Boxing Day. The race starts from Sydney and ends at the heart of Tasmania, Hobart covering the two days’ worth distance of 630 nautical miles.

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Shopping Frenzy

The most favoured tradition is thousands of post-Christmas sales are offered on Boxing Day. Stalls and shopping complexes, reducing prices severely on their excess stock of Christmas. The shopping centres are packed with bargain hunters taking advantage of the sales